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Motorcycles are personal means of transport and hobby, whose owners are different and what unites them is that they love their sport. The pratka you love periodically needs maintenance or sometimes even repairs, in which case it is important to choose a place that will do the job quickly, accurately and at the right price. In order for this to be possible, the workshop must have good basic and special tools and competent staff. When you want more, i.e. to tune or adjust your motorcycle or personalize its appearance, it requires even more special equipment and more know-how from the workshop. It is also important that the workshop has a good procurement network for spare parts, supplies and special supplies. We have. So come and visit

Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance is a measure that ensures safe and comfortable motorcycling. You should therefore stick to the deadlines given by the manufacturers. In order for maintenance to be a pleasant thing not only for the bike, but also for you, you should have the bike serviced when it suits you best. Often, however, the situation is that everyone wants their bike serviced at the same time, so at that time the staff has to stretch both in size and working hours. That’s how we do it.

Tire work

When riding a motorcycle, the contact surface of the tires with the road is only the size of a few index fingers per tire. Losing the grip of either tire on the road can be very dangerous. Weather, speed and road surface affect grip, but the easiest way a bike owner can affect the safety of their motorcycle is to make sure the tires are in good condition. The condition of tires depends not only on the amount of tread, but also on many other factors.

It is important to make sure that the tire has the right pressure, its profile is as planned and that it is balanced and otherwise in good condition. We change the tires in the blink of an eye, complete with balancing. We stock several different tire sizes and models, so you can continue your journey quickly, enjoying the comfort and safety of new tires.

The equipment we use allows you to change the tire from bottom to bottom even for large travel bikes and brands where it is not possible for everyone, such as BMW.

Custom work

A motorcycle is a personal means of transportation. That’s why more and more motorcyclists want to personalize, i.e. customize their bike to suit their own use and taste.

It’s not good to argue about matters of taste, but it’s worth asking an expert for tips if you’re not quite sure what you want. Our installers are experts. Most of the time, it is most economical to use off-the-shelf parts, but if necessary, if parts are not available, they can be custom made. We have at our disposal a high-quality and wide selection of different machine tools and people who know how to use them, so nothing is impossible, other jobs just take more time.

Crash repairs

Crash repairs require a clear vision and extensive expertise in motorcycle repair. In addition, good relations with importers, the insurance company and various subcontracting companies are important in order to get the repair done quickly, without bothering the customer. We have.

We do repair work on behalf of insurance companies and the customer, which includes everything from picking up the motorcycle from the crash site to finishing painting and taping. In the case of surface damage, we aim to quickly restore the bike to driving condition, so that waiting for the insurance company’s decision or the arrival of spare parts does not take up that valuable driving week.

Winter Storage

Now is the time to put your beloved bike to rest for the winter. We do it with skill and love. Billing from 1.10. – 15.5.. The prices include . washing, battery maintenance, storage, fuel additives and condition check

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